Medical Affairs as the connector, breaking down the silos

Global healthcare ecosystems are in constant flux and pharmaceutical companies need continuously to adapt and respond, transforming their ways of working. ​While this transformation brings exciting opportunities for individual departments, it also carries a tremendous consistency and alignment challenge for the wider organisation.

Rapid and individual functional changes, without proper alignment, lead to a siloed and disconnected organisation.​ This disconnect can lead to extra costs and inefficiencies, moreover, it can lead to inconsistent offerings and messages towards external stakeholders. Internal alignment in response to external change is a key enabler for industry success.​

In our latest white paper, we describe why Medical Affairs is ideally positioned to act as a connector within the organisation and bring alignment among the different functions. With crucial scientific knowledge, understanding of and link with the external environment, and the shared goal with other functions of maximising patient value, Medical Affairs can act as a bridge within the organisation.​

Read all about it here and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic!

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