In conversation with Fiona Suwandy: ‘You don’t stop after the strategy phase here’

Vintura came into my life at a moment when I definitely wasn’t looking out for a new job. I was a strategy consultant at A.T. Kearney, and couldn’t imagine that there might be a better place for me somewhere... A couple of weeks later, I’d signed the contract with Vintura, and couldn’t wait to get started!

Personal affinity

Right from that very first introductory coffee in Baarn, my interest as a doctor was piqued. At Vintura, I could combine my great love of the consultancy profession with my other passion: healthcare. I could work on projects that touched me personally. Collaborate with sincere people who, just like me, get enthusiastic about strategic and conceptual thinking, and who are only satisfied when they see the solution they’ve devised put into practice.

Healthy mindset

When I started here, I really had to get used to the typical Vintura mindset of ‘we work hard and with great dedication, but we also believe other things are important.’ I now know that this is a very healthy attitude, and I enjoy having time and space for my other passions. It’s good to note that this doesn’t come at the expense of the quality of your work. On the contrary!

Impact in practice

As a former management trainee in an academic hospital and an experienced strategy consultant, I could immediately put my skills to good use at Vintura. Many of our projects start out with creating analyses and concepts, which will later be translated into concrete recommendations. At this point, the work of a strategy consultant is usually done. What I find really valuable and satisfying about my work at Vintura is that you don’t stop after that strategy phase here. You often also supervise the implementation process, and you can see what actually happens with your recommendations in practice. This does mean that when you work here as a consultant, not only do you have to have the strategic side, you also have to be strong on the human aspect of change. As I’m a ‘people-person’, that suits me down to the ground. Because even if you come up with brilliant recommendations, if you don’t know your client’s culture well and you haven’t involved the people in the process enough, it won’t work.

Consultants who only get their satisfaction from solving complex puzzles won’t be as at home here, I think. If you really want to make an impact, feel that it’s important to be close to your client and to initiate change among people yourself, then Vintura is the place for you.

Drive and energy are the heart of my working style, and are evident to my team and the client alike. I do not shy away from a challenge, but I do dare to tell things like they are.