Heart Failure, an inconvenient truth

Heart failure can seriously impact patients’ lives by limiting their ability to take part in normal life, reducing their independence. Due to the great impact and burden that symptoms cause, patients need to alter their life situation completely, which has an impact on all facets of their quality of life, leading to emotional, physical, relational, psychological, and social consequences.

Vintura, together with Pumping Marvellous (UK), AVEC (FR), Herzschwäche Deutschland (DE), and The Patients Voice (NL), CSL Vifor has developed a whitepaper to advocate for better quality of life in heart failure. This whitepaper highlights the experiences of patients living with heart failure and clearly demonstrates the burden of heart failure and its impact on quality of life. We hope, that as a result, all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem will work together with patients to improve patients’ quality of life.

Key results in a nutshell

Survey results show that heart failure heavily impacts the lives of patients: not only 1 in 5 patients declare themselves as disabled, but heart failure actually impacts the lives of patients more than cancer! In a nutshell our study shows that:  

  1. Heart failure has a key impact on how people live their lives, 1 in 5 HF patients consider themselves disabled  
  1. Patients perceive improving HRQoL as being as important as mortality and morbidity  
  1. We must continually assess and manage HRQoL in patients throughout the lifespan of their condition. There is a need to use validated HRQoL questionnaires and other tools to better assess HRQoL 
  1. We must equip, enable, empower & engage HF patients in order to coach & support them to self-manage their disease & improve their QoL. Patients must be part of decision making 

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