Supporting the acquisition of a dental care solutions provider

An historically stable dental care market

Our client is a Private Equity fund considering investing in a provider of dental care solutions and had concerns about the impact of a recent regulation improving reimbursement on the demand for dental prosthetics and implants, as well as the long-term sustainability of this demand. They were also wondering about the growth potential of the Target in other dental care segments

Assessing the ability of the target to differentiate and grow

We performed several interviews with dentists to discuss their medical practices and use of dental prostheses and implants (type of patients, procedures, insurance coverage, evolution of demand and prices)

During interviews with dentists and distributors, we also assessed key selection criteria when purchasing dental prosthetics and implants (i.e: product quality, portfolio range, delivery time, customization, price, training…). We detailed purchasing processes depending on the profile of dentists (independent, collective offices, employed in dental centers).

We were then able to model growth potential for the Target based on their positioning and strengths vs competition, on current products as well as new dental products they could offer

A successful investment

Our analyses enabled our client to assess the feasibility of the Business Plan provided by the Target and estimate a relevant valuation

The Target company is currently undergoing a strong growth in the dental care market, thanks to strong marketing efforts and a new product

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