Supporting an aesthetic company in a Vendor Due Diligence process

A leading medical aesthetics firm specializing in hyaluronic acid (HA) syringes, sought investors to fuel expansion. Through comprehensive market research and investor presentations to 20+ Private Equity funds, a successful partnership was secured, validating growth potential and market differentiation.

A fast-growing healthcare market with unregulated prices and
complexity to differentiate

Our client is a medical aesthetics company that manufactures and sells hyaluronic acid (HA) syringes to physicians, which are then injected into patients’ faces

Our client started a vendor process to allow new investors to enter its capital, to support the future growth of the company and development opportunities in new geographies and product segments

Our client asked us to build an investor deck to be shared to all potential investors, to demonstrate the attractiveness of the HA market and their success story within this market, their ability to differentiate, and their capacity to achieve their growth ambitions by 2030

Reassuring on the sustainability of past growth and the ability to accelerate

We performed 50+ interviews worldwide with aesthetics physicians and our client’s competitors to deep dive into HA practices since Covid19 and their sustainability over other injectables such as botulinum toxin or collagen

During interviews, we also assessed the purchasing drivers for a physician and the perception of our client versus competition

We thoroughly modelled country-by-country projections in terms of hyaluronic acid procedures and prices per syringe, to forecast the growth potential of our client and reassure investors on their capability to achieve business plan

We had weekly meetings with C-level of the company to share our conclusions and adjust the investor deck

A successful investment

Our investor deck was shared with 20+ Private Equity funds and we had questions & answers sessions with many of them to defend the viability of the investment into our client’s

After months of process, a Private Equity fund eventually decided to enter our client’s share

Navigating trust and expertise in pharmaceuticals and investments