Supporting the acquisition of a Pre-Clinical Contract Research Organization

A high-growing market requiring technical capabilities

Our client is a Private Equity fund considering investing in a Contract Research Organization (CRO), specialized in pre-clinical stages and wanted to confirm the strong growth perspectives of the pre-clinical CRO market and the ability of the Target to capture this growing demand.

Next to that they were also wondering about the positioning of the Target on innovative therapies (cell & gene therapy, mARN) and the required capabilities to develop this offer to Pharma & biotechs

Assessing the ability of the target to capture the growth

We performed several interviews with Pharma companies and biotech’s (clients as well as prospects of the Target) to validate the growing demand for outsourcing of research services and selection criteria when choosing a CRO (i.e: track record, ability to provide models for each type of molecule and therapeutic area, proximity…)

Through these interviews, we were also able to position the Target and its service offer vs competing CROs

We also investigated in detail the requirements from regulatory authorities in Europe, USA and Japan when they assess a dossier related to innovative therapies (pharmacology, toxicology, biodistribution, immunogenicity studies…) and how they differ from small molecules and biologics

A successful investment

Our analyses enabled our client to assess the feasibility of the Business Plan provided by the Target and estimate a relevant valuation and was was successful in investing in the CRO

The CRO is currently undergoing a strong growth and has since acquired another company to support its expansion

Navigating trust and expertise in pharmaceuticals and investments