Creating meaningful impact in healthcare & life sciences

We are experienced and highly motivated to address extremely complex issues.

We are experienced and highly motivated to address extremely complex issues.

Life sciences

Strong in realizing sustainable and supported solutions

The pharmaceutical industry must rise to new challenges, Market Access, value-based healthcare and outcome management are key topics.

Value-based Healthcare

How to bring stakeholders together to improve the care system?

Increase patient value and reduce healthcare costs in the chain through successful implementation of VBHC.


How can we provide better, accessible and affordable care?

We have extensive experience in all segments of healthcare and life sciences, and are thoroughly familiar with the specific challenges of each different care provider

Investment advisory

Strategic advisory services on both the buy and sell side

Our deeply experienced senior team and global market coverage can provide highly-targeted guidance to private equity investors, as well as to strategic corporate teams and their merger and acquisition intermediaries, as they review next opportunities

Working at Vintura

We are both ‘hero’ and ‘helper’.

We combine our knowledge with that of our clients to create new insights and to arrive at solutions which have a real impact. They are practical, effective and meaningful for our clients and for all other stakeholders. We never overlook the people who will be affected by change. We offer sustainable solutions which are based on the interests of the entire organization and which enjoy wide support.

Gérard is glad to tell you more about our meaningful impact