(past event) Webinar Market Access: a radical PLC pricing model to break the circle of distrust


26 February 2021,


26 February 2021,

On demand webcast | Duration: 1 hour

market Access hurdles and rising prices

More and more patients are at risk of not having access to innovative therapies with important health benefits. And this is getting worse and worse. Payers and pharma companies are caught in a vicious circle of distrust. Payers increase access hurdles to curb the rising drug expenditures. Pharma in turn raises prices to deal with the risk of not all products making it across these hurdles. Payers react again by raising the hurdles. And so the vicious circle is created.

PLC pricing model that increases patient access

Individually these actions make sense, but collectively they have the detrimental effect of increasing risk, pharma prices and costs to the healthcare system. We need to break this circle. Based on Vintura’s extensive experience, we have developed a radical PLC pricing model that contributes to decreasing healthcare costs and increasing patient access to innovation. This model supports the interests of patients, payers and pharma simultaneously.

Key Learning Objectives

Create an understanding of:

  • How the underlying vicious circle of distrust between pharma and society is driving the collapse of the healthcare system.
  • How a pharma company can engage payers with a radical new product life-cycle pricing model that fundamentally reduce risks, avoids unnecessary costs and reduces prices — ultimately, ensuring patient access to innovation.

Who should attend

This Market Access webcast is meant for senior management at pharmaceutical companies and payers. Typical pharma functions include: EMEA level commercial, medical and Market Access leaders (e.g. VP, senior director, director, manager).

Presenters and moderator

  • Bas Amesz, Partner Vintura
  • Bart-Jan van Hasselt, Principal Consultant Vintura
  • Erik van der Leck, Principal Consultant Vintura
  • Moderator: Julian Upton, Editor, PharmExec

Sponsored by Vintura and presented by Pharmaceutical executive

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