The helping hero

The Helping Hero – a great title for a new Willy and Wanda adventure, perhaps. However, the work of the Vintura advisory company in the healthcare sector has nothing to do with characters in a comic. But it could be described as adventurous.

Merging all the oncology activities of two hospitals together into one organization is not easy. The same can be said for assisting regional collaboration between hospitals, improving rapid diagnoses and oncological follow-up care, or deciding the care aspects in which a hospital aims to excel. These are just a few of the activities that Vintura partner Remco Bervoets and his colleagues are involved with every day. And it should be remembered that the sector where they work is facing ever-greater demands but with fewer resources available. Vintura can support hospitals with advice on strategic issues, collaboration, and operational excellence. ‘The healthcare sector is a regulated environment, one in which logical thinking alone is not enough. You need knowledge of the sector and of your customers and their interests in order to make the right decisions and to implement changes successfully. For example, how can hospitals collaborating help towards a better future? How financially feasible are the various strategic options? These are issues that we help our customers find the answers to. Our role can best be described as that of a “helping hero” and advisor, who helps them to stand out by connecting our knowledge, experience and focus to the proficiency of their professionals. Not by taking on their work, but by finding solutions together and by actively and effectively involving the organization with the process. This connection with the customers is an essential aspect of achieving long-lasting success.’

In each of our advisory assignments, our task is to do what we believe is right for the customer – but obviously not without holding detailed discussions with the customer. ‘The customer and the goal that he wants to achieve is at the heart of what we do. It means collaborating on the basis of strong mutual trust,’ emphasizes Remco, who regards working at Vintura as a way of life. ‘Naturally everyone in our organization is responsible for making sure that we secure enough assignments – but never, never, at the expense of our customers or their interests,’ says the man who relishes successful outcomes. Not for his company, but for his customers. ‘Our success is never a goal in itself. Our success is measured only by the long-term successes that we help our customers achieve. We’re only happy once the client is happy – and we achieve this through sound mutual collaboration. This is how we have successfully built up long-lasting relationships with our customers.’

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