(past event) Meet our experts in market access, pricing and reimbursement


02 December 2020,


05 March 2018,

You have the unique opportunity to receive personalised advice from two market access experts: Europe’s foremost health economics expert, Lieven Annemans and Vintura’s pharma expert, Bas Amesz. During a 45-minute exploratory intake, we will discuss your most challenging issues in market access.

discuss your challenges in market access, pricing and reimbursement

We help you find the answers to a wide variety of market access questions:

  • What is the most optimal pricing and reimbursement strategy for a new product?
  • How to translate clinical and economic outcomes into an attractive payer value story?
  • How can payers and pharma work together on innovative pricing models?
  • What are the characteristics of the preferred pricing agreement?


Contact us below or call us + 31 35 54 33 540.

exploratory discussion with Prof. Lieven Annemans and Bas Amesz

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