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Bas Amesz

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Knowledge and experience

I learned my trade with KPMG Consulting, where I helped guide the Life Sciences team as a senior manager. At Vintura I have now had ten years to further expand my expertise in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry.

My consultancy experience is wide-ranging, from strategic and organisational issues at hospitals to commercial and market-access work for pharma businesses.


My contribution

Consultancy is the greatest work there is. It gives me a huge energy boost to go in search of the real underlying problem behind an issue and, together with the client and my colleagues, to find the ideal solution. And then to make sure that that actually works in practice. My particular contribution comes from my extensive experience with similar cases, my keen logic and my eye for practical matters. After all, it really does have to work in practice.


About me

I love dynamism and variety. From a working week packed with complex challenges and meetings to a good stage play on a Friday night and, coffee in hand, watching my boys play hockey on Saturday morning. I really enjoy doing fun things with the family. And seeking out new experiences and events, both at work and personally.

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