IV-Walk, eNose and NightWatch nominated for impact in healthcare award 2018

The professional jury has chosen three nominees for the 2018 award  –  Video impression of 2018 event

The three nominees for the Vintura Impact in Healthcare Award 2018 are the eNose Company (with eNose), LivAssured BV (with NightWatch), and Alissa Rees (with IV-Walk). They will be presenting their entries on 1 November during the annual Impact in Healthcare event, and will have the chance to win 10,000 euros and five consultancy days. The professional jury (Margriet Schneider, Michele Manto, Daan Rooijmans, Hans Bart and Bas Amesz) chose these three nominees together.

Three nominated initiatives


eNose is a breath test that can be performed anywhere for the detection of various types of cancer. eNose could also be used in the future for detecting various infectious diseases and neurological disorders. The objective is a simple, patient-friendly and cost-effective screening method that rapidly and reliably provides medical specialists with information.


The NightWatch is a comfortable bracelet that a patient wears during the night to accurately analyse heart rate and movement patterns. The wireless base station informs emergency responders remotely in the event of a clinically urgent epileptic seizure. The object is to ensure that epilepsy patients receive timely help in the event of severe attacks, and thus prevent various complications or even death.


The IV-Walk is a portable intravenous drip. Because the IV-Walk is light on the shoulders and soft, when worn on the body correctly it can enable the patient to move around easily. This has the benefit of helping to restore some of the patient’s self-esteem. The objective is to stimulate the patient’s mobility and to promote recovery.

On 1 November 2018, the professional jury and the attendees at the Vintura Impact in Healthcare Event has decided on the winner together.

Professional jury

The following people are on this year’s professional jury:

  • Margriet Schneider, Chair of the Executive Board, UMC Utrecht
  • Michele Manto, Senior Vice President, Galapagos
  • Daan Rooijmans, Senior Healthcare Procurement Manager, CZ Zorgverzekeringen [CZ Health Insurance]
  • Hans Bart, Director, Nierpatiënten Vereniging Nederland [Kidney Patients Association Netherlands], and
  • Bas Amesz, Partner, Vintura.

Vintura impact in healthcare event 2018

TheVintura Impact in Healthcare event is an annual event that Vintura organizes for its affiliates. This year the event took place for the eighth time, and we have been awarding the Vintura Impact in Healthcare Award for the third time.

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