In conversation with Natalia Eitel: ‘Here I can accomplish true changes in healthcare’

‘The way Vintura recruits is really different. I got two full days to meet the team, to get to know each other and find out if our values and mission are similar. There is an openness that allows you to be your true self, which is very important to me. Be brave, don’t be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. Vintura looks beyond your skills and experience. They are interested in who you are, as a person.

True changes

Here I can accomplish true changes in healthcare. That’s why I chose Vintura out of five offers and decided to move to another country again. The Netherlands is my fourth home country, but the first whose language I don’t speak. I am still learning; twice a week I go to a language school and my new colleagues are really helpful.

That’s how we grow

The whole team is very welcoming. It’s a fun environment to work in. We make jokes, have time for each other and receive feedback on the spot, at a daily basis. They encourage us to ask questions, to be ourselves and not to underestimate ourselves. That’s how we grow, that’s the way to learn and improve on a professional and personal level.

A healthy work-life balance is truly important to Vintura and working hours are flexible. I am a morning person and prefer to start early. So I can leave early as well, I’m at home before 18h.00. That way it’s easier to get to know my neighbors, meet new people in daily life and make new friends.

A city that makes you feel alive

Amsterdam is a very international city, I really feel at home already. Everybody speaks English and it is super green with all those trees in the streets. I love the architecture and the canals. It’s a city that makes you feel alive. A few months after I moved to the Jordaan, my parents came to visit and my mom prepared a Brazilian diner for my colleagues and me. We often organize things together too.

Get people engaged to change

I’m dedicated to get people engaged to change. The project I work on is about how to talk about the value of a medicine, understanding the benefits for the patient and develop a more value-based, global vision. There’s more to it than the price and data. To see how they accept and appreciate your ideas makes me happy.’