Désirée van der Heide: ‘I have grown as a person and as a professional’

"Vintura is a boutique consultancy agency that makes a real impact, working with internationally renowned companies on the most current and relevant issues in healthcare and life sciences. This gives you plenty of opportunities for both personal and professional development. At Vintura I learned how to manage complex projects which allowed me to achieve great results for the clients."

Désirée van der Heide looks back at her time at Vintura

“Consultancy was new to me when I started at Vintura eight years ago. Nevertheless, I started working with customers from day one and could contribute with my background in pharmaceuticals. At Vintura they say ‘improve yourself’ instead of ‘prove yourself’. This means there is always room for growth, regardless of your level of experience.”

Getting people on board

“Here you really learn how to get to the essence of a challenge quickly, to transform complex matters into a clear message and to develop a plan that is supported by everyone. At Vintura it’s not only the facts that count, it’s also about connecting people. So that everyone involved is on board and able and willing to adapt to the proposed changes. You develop the skills to understand people, to identify what drives a person and the reasons behind their choices due to Vintura’s unique way of working with clients. These experiences as a professional are going to be extremely useful in my next job and future career in general.”

Working together internationally

“About half of the life sciences projects at Vintura have an international aspect. This has contributed massively to my professional development, as well as the diversity of the projects. Working together with people from different backgrounds and cultures is inspiring and enriching; because of this I have grown as a professional and as a person.”

“During one of my last projects, I was at a meeting with all of the medical directors of an international client, to determine a joint strategy. Even though there were cultural differences, it was amazing to find the key to good collaboration and to form a strategy in a way that allowed everyone to come into their own and feel respected.”

Desiree van der Heide at work at Vintura
Désirée van der Heide

Setting priorities

“Experienced consultants often work on three or four projects at the same time. So you have to learn how to juggle a lot of different tasks. This is how I learned to set the right priorities, which was helpful when I became a mother too. I was able to discover how I wanted to structure my own life as Vintura provided the flexibility. The value that the company attaches to a healthy balance between work and personal life is a benefit to everyone.”

Entrepreneurial spirit

“Vintura also appeals to your entrepreneurial spirit: everyone can help develop the company. You think something can be improved upon? Put on your gloves and do it. The organisation is flat. For example: I set-up the Impact in Healthcare Award for initiatives in healthcare with the most meaningful impact. The winner of which receives a monetary prize as well as advice from Vintura on how to take the next step to realise their mission and make an impact.”

“Developing entrepreneurship will be a benefit to you for the rest of your career. Entrepreneurship is very important in my new job. My experiences at Vintura have contributed towards this next step in my career, a great opportunity, where I am P&L responsible, close to daily operations and even more entrepreneurial.”

Désirée worked at Vintura from 2011 – 2018; first as consultant and developed into Principal Consultant.