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Prof. dr. Lieven Annemans is professor of Health-Economics at Ghent University and health economics expert at Vintura. He is one of Europe’s leading experts in health economics and HTA. Annemans is a sought-after advisor and educator to health policy makers and pharma and device companies. Highly respected for his vast international and cross-therapeutic experience.

relevant publications lieven annemans

  • Publication Prof. Annemans and Prof. Pani ‘Dynamic outcomes based approaches to pricing and reimbursement of innovative medicines’.
  • Video Lieven Annemans about Outcomes Based Performance Agreements.
  • Article Lieven Annemans ‘Towards a new concept ‘Value Informed and Affordable prices for medicines’.

Are you struggling with challenges in Market Access, pricing (of innovative therapies) and reimbursement? You have the unique opportunity to receive personalised advice from two Market Access experts: Lieven Annemans and Bas Amesz. Registration and more information.

Want to know more about the key challenges with the value assessments of medicines? Watch this video of Prof. Lieven Annemans and the dos and don’ts regarding health outcomes based agreements.

There’s an intense debate about the prices of innovative medicines. Are value based prices the solution?  Porf. Lieven Annemans, one of Europe’s leading experts in health economics and associate partner at Vintura, gives his perspective in this video and presents his solution: value informed and affordable pricing.

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