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Maxime Bourdon

Fueling healthcare innovation through digital transformation, shaping tomorrow's patient care

Transforming Healthcare with Digital Innovation

In 2007, I joined as the second consultant, bringing with me a strong engineering background and a diploma from ESSEC. Over the years, my journey has been marked by a passion for digital transformation and innovation, particularly in the realm of “digital transportation.” In 2010, I took the leap and founded two startups, further honing my expertise in leveraging technology for growth strategies.

My entrepreneurial spirit has played a pivotal role in propelling our firm to its current status as a leading entity in the healthcare sector. Today, my focus lies in driving the performance of commercial and R&D organizations within mid-size and large pharmaceutical companies. Specializing in oncology and autoimmune diseases, I bring in-depth knowledge and insights to the table, contributing to our continued success in shaping the future of healthcare through digital innovation.