Workshop: Embracing VBHC, how to ensure that our Medical teams are making a difference


06 October 2019, 09:30 - 11:00

Hilton, Amsterdam


08 June 2019, 09:30 - 11:00

Hilton, Amsterdam

This event has taken place.

Vintura will be at the MAPS 2019 EMEA conference on 6th to 8th of October in Amsterdam. We will host a workshop around VBHC at the conference: “Embracing VBHC, how to ensure that our Medical teams are making a difference”.

As market demands are quickly changing, Medical Affairs (MA) needs to strengthen its key propositions and capabilities to meet those new demands. One of these demands revolves around the expanding definition of ‘value’ and the growing importance of Value-Based Health Care (VBHC).

When:  Tuesday, 8 October from 09:30-11:00 AM

Where: Hilton, Amsterdam

Cost: for attendees of the MAPS 2019 EMEA conference, it is free of charge

As Vintura, we see these developments in the different EMEA markets. We observe that many VBHC solutions are being developed, but that the industry (biopharma and MedTech) is often not involved in the co-creation effort between e.g. intra- and extramural HCPs and health insurers, whilst it has a valuable role to play. For example, as VBHC solutions are based on real-world evidence, this is an area where MA has ample experience to ensure a truly outcomes-based solution

Nevertheless, we do not see all MA teams respond quickly and adequately to this development. To support MA to be better prepared to deal with these changes, we plan to host an inspiring, energizing and interactive workshop. In the workshop, together with an industry expert, we will introduce Medical Leaders to the growing importance of VBHC, exchange real examples, best practices and lessons learned and expose participants to key VBHC capabilities and skills. Our overarching objective is that Medical Leaders leave the workshop feeling more comfortable to start driving value discussions and co-creating VBHC solutions.


Our inspiring, energizing and interactive workshop will focus on discussing the importance of Medical Affairs Leaders in discussing value and co-creating VBHC solutions:

  • Inspire: discuss the changing role of Medical Affairs and its important role in the co-creation of VBHC solutions within biopharma & MedTech companies
  • Learn: show concrete examples and share best practices of biopharma & MedTech VBHC solutions
  • Activate: provide clear guidance on how to get started, ensuring Medical Leaders feel more comfortable and able to apply VBHC learnings and thinking within their teams

After the workshop, participants will be better able to:

  • Inspire their team to develop VBHC solutions
  • Apply learnings to drive the strategy and create an action plan to accelerate the development of VBHC solutions

Our Vintura workshop facilitators

Natalia Eitel, Senior Consultant

Natalia is a Life Science Strategy Consultant for 4 years. Natalia has experience in market entry, Market Access and Medical transformation projects. As the Vintura co-leader of the Medical Affairs Centre of Excellence, she is mainly focusing on shifting the mindset towards more value-based discussions and solutions, incl. capabilities building and development. She believes that, when connecting different competencies, the objectives are easier and faster achieved.

Casper Paardekooper, Director

Strategy consultant in Life Sciences for 14 years, Casper has extensive experience in defining and implementing transformational strategies in Medical Affairs, Market Access, Commercial and Value-based Healthcare. He is the sponsor of the Medical Affairs Centre of Excellence in Vintura. Casper is a strong believer in co-creation and collaboration with multiple healthcare stakeholders to reach the best outcomes for patients.

Pim Kooreman, Senior Consultant

Pim is an experienced strategy consultant in the life sciences industry with 5+ years of experience, working across big pharma and biotech. As the lead of Vintura’s Medical Affairs Centre of Excellence he leads projects on VBHC, Medical Affairs Strategy and Launch Planning. Pim has a background in Biomedical sciences and believes Medical Affairs plays a critical role in bridging the gap between science and society, which is crucial to improve patients’ lives.

This event has taken place.

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