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Laura Restrepo

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My knowledge and experience

I have always been interested in technologies and innovation that have an impact on healthcare. I was trained as a Biomedical Engineer and during my PhD in TU Delft I worked in the fields of bio- and nano- technology, where disruptive and cutting-edge technologies are shaping the future of healthcare. At Vintura, I aim to help bring these technologies and innovations closer to the patient. For that, solid science is not enough, we also need healthcare stakeholders with an aligned vision and commitment to bring value to the patient.

My contribution to the team and our clients

I like to approach challenges with an enthusiastic and can-do attitude. I am a social person that enjoys teamwork. In my opinion, there is nothing more powerful than a determined team working together towards a common goal. My engineering background and PhD work provide me with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. I enjoy when I can understand a project at different levels, starting with the technical aspects all the way to the operational and strategic side. I consider that one of my strengths.

About myself

I was born and raised in Colombia, but lived in the US, Belgium, and Germany before landing in The Netherlands. Living in different places and experiencing different cultures has made me very flexible, adaptable, and “easy going” as my friends describe me. In my work, I like to be structured and organized, but in my free time, I let my Latin roots flourish and like to “go with the flow”. I love dancing and traveling, ideally in the company of my partner or my family and carrying my camera to capture the beauty of new places!