Our team

Pierre-andré Poton

With dual degrees in biomechanical engineering and business management from esteemed institutions worldwide, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to Vintura.

My knowledge and experience

I have training in biomechanical engineering (MSc) and business management (2x MSc), having graduated from Centrale Lille, UC Berkeley, EDHEC and Sungkyunkwan University (all with degrees). This link with my passion for healthcare, understanding of technical aspects and linking with business realities

I have worked 6-months internships at EY (Financial Services), BNP Paribas (Private Equity) and worked at Gilde Healthcare (Private Equity) for 6 months before landing at CEPTON in March 2024. I have a good understanding of Private Equity settings throughout EU (mainly France, NL and Belgium), which my experience at Gilde made me apply to concrete topics such as medical devices (incl. IVD), radiopharmaceuticals, pre-clinical CROs (drug design to in-vivo assays) and women’s health solutions

 My contribution to the team and our clients

I approach a project with intention to understand the context before advancing opinions. I challenge what I find and appreciate getting others’ opinions on key topics. I give my best to get quickly comfortable at core tasks of the job, to spend more time on deeper reflections on what the client truly cares about, or may not even have considered

About myself

I am passionate about healthcare even outside of work. First thing you will see in my home is a huge physiology atlas which I enjoy reading through. I also enjoy 4X grand strategy games from Paradox Interactive to keep me thinking and reasoning although in a more relaxed setting compared to a steering committee ! I like French fries

I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen