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Marc-Olivier Bévierre

My dynamic approach and transparent communication ensure results for both my team and clients.

innovation and strategic thinking

I studied Engineering at Ecole Polytechique, completed a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, and obtained an MBA from INSEAD. My career spans sixteen years in the pharmaceutical industry, encompassing various international and operational roles such as preclinical research, marketing, and sales. Before joining a new organization, I served as Director of Strategy at Janssen-Cilag in France.

My expertise lies in business intelligence and strategic marketing within healthcare and pharmacology, covering a wide range of therapeutic areas. I’ve been involved in numerous launch readiness projects, utilizing our in-house developed methodology. I specialize in developing positioning and launch strategies that seamlessly integrate medical, marketing, and market access dimensions.

U.S. companies often seek my expertise when entering the complex yet lucrative European market.