Our team

Lucas Pruvot

With expertise in applied mathematics and economics, I lead high-impact projects at Vintura, specializing in due diligence, growth strategies, and post-merger integration for global healthcare industries.

My knowledge and experience

After studying engineering with a focus on applied mathematics and economics, I joined Vintura as a Business Analyst. After 4 years I have been able to develop my expertise in more than 20 projects for Private Equity funds and mid-sized pharma/medical device companies.

My main areas of experience include buy-side due diligences, as well as growth strategies and Post-Merger Integration.

In particular I have built a solid expertise in various industries on a global scale such as medical devices, including the dental market and in-vitro diagnostics, mature pharmaceutical products, outsourcing (regulatory affairs, CMO, CDO), and food supplements.

My contribution to the team and our clients

As a Manager, my primary responsibilities include acting as a link between our teams of consultants, partners, and clients, supporting the team throughout the project to ensure a delivery that align with our goals and meet our client’s expectations.

My goal is to foster a healthy and trusting atmosphere where every team member can leverage their skills and knowledge to maximize the quality and actionability of our strategic recommendations.

About myself

Outside of work, I am passionate about most team sports, especially soccer and basketball, and cinema including all types of movies and TV shows. I also have a keen interest in scientific popularization contents, particularly around mathematics and astrophysics.

Living in Paris, I have the opportunity to experience the vibrant culture of the city, and I cherish the moments spent with friends.

A unique aspect of my personal life is the enriching exchanges I have with my twin and younger brother, both of whom are finalizing their medical studies. These discussions are particularly stimulating, given our professional focus on the healthcare sector.

I highly value transparency, trust, and simplicity, which guide my interactions with others, helping me build and maintain meaningful connections.

I use my expertise in applied mathematics and economics to lead high-impact projects