Our team

Guillaume Bordino

With expertise from Polytechnique and Agro ParisTech, I excel in health biotechnologies, contributing to diverse projects at Cepton - Vintura with a meticulous, data-driven approach.

My knowledge and experience

I graduated from Polytechnique with a dual degree from Agro ParisTech, specializing in health biotechnologies. At Cepton – Vintura, I have been involved in diverse projects including genomics, liquid biopsy, long-term strategic planning, search and screen, and cell therapy. Additionally, I gained practical research experience in a startup specializing in microfluidics for diagnostics, where I honed my skills in innovative biotechnological applications.

My contribution to the team and our clients

I approach projects with a meticulous and analytical mindset, leveraging data to inform every decision. This evidence-based strategy ensures that we deliver precise and impactful results for our clients. Within the team, I infuse a sense of enthusiasm and positivity, helping to maintain motivation and cohesion throughout the entire project lifecycle.

About myself

I am an avid sports enthusiast, participating in rugby and running regularly. I also have a keen interest in DIY projects, especially in automotive mechanics and motorsports. One of my more exhilarating hobbies is skydiving, which allows me to push my limits and experience the thrill of adventure. These activities are important to me as they keep me physically active, mentally sharp, and constantly seeking new challenges.