Our team

Diana Daher

With a dual degree in biology and human nutrition from Ecole Polytechnique and AgroParisTech, I bring creative problem-solving to healthcare strategy consulting at Vintura.

My knowledge and experience

Growing up surrounded by doctors, biologists and engineers, I was driven to healthcare and science from a young age. I graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and AgroParisTech with a dual engineer degree in biology and human nutrition. This academic background has honed my approach to problem-solving and project delivery, blending rigor, organization, analytics and creativity. It has also fueled my appetite for continuous learning and my drive to make impactful changes, making strategy consultancy in healthcare the perfect fit for me.

My contribution to the team and our clients

When beginning a new project, I start by identifying the types of information or deliverables required and the corresponding sources or methods to obtain them. This initial clarity helps me to visualize the synergies between different project components and to gauge overall progress more effectively. I bring enthusiasm to every project and strive to foster a positive atmosphere within the team. Additionally, I consistently double-check all my sources, leveraging my fluency in three languages and ongoing study of two others to gather information from a wide range of perspectives.

About myself

Dancing has been a lifelong passion, allowing me to both express my creativity and work on myself to reach my objectives, culminating in choregraphing a student musical during my engineering school years. I enjoy setting personal objectives to continue to progress,  which led me to take up running in the past couple of years. I have relished witnessing my progress, from struggling to enjoy  10 minutes of activity to running a full 15 kilometers.

I bring creative problem-solving to healthcare strategy consulting