Our team

Arno Rutte

Keeping healthcare available and affordable for everyone in an aging population, that is my mission!

My knowledge and experience

Reshaping healthcare can only succeed if all stakeholders – from patients to doctors, from payers to healthcare providers – have a common goal and ambition. I combine my experience in realizing good and affordable care at a healthcare insurer, with years of experience being a healthcare spokesperson in the Dutch parliament. I know the playing field and I know how to connect the different stakeholders to deliver sustainable change and impact.  

My contribution

I have become an expert in the environment our customers operates. Bringing parties with – potentially – conflicting interests together, in order to find sustainable solutions. Together with our customers, my ambition is to find new ways to deliver and finance care in a country with an aging population. I do not stop when a plan has been made, but will continue to work until a solution is realized that delivers proposed sustainable outcomes in real life.  

About me

I live with my wife and our two daughters in the beautiful city of Groningen, a student town in the northern part of the Netherlands. I have a huge passion for music. I love to listen, but playing music is even better. For over 25 years I have been the lead singer of a rock-‘n-roll band with 4 of my best friends. Nothing is more magical than performing my favorite music in front of an enthusiastic audience! 

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