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Tim Widdershoven

Senior consultant
Lees in het Nederlands


While studying medicine I discovered that I would rather devote my energy to the entire healthcare system rather than to individual patients. That was where I had most value to add. After taking a second Master’s degree in Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management, I joined the consultancy firm &samhoud. There I worked on several large-scale change projects in healthcare. That experience has given me a strong basis in organizational development, change management and leadership development.


My background allows me to combine my medical knowledge with multiple perspectives: those of the patient, the practitioner, the insurer, and society as a whole. I am convinced that the key to better, more affordable, more readily available care lies in combining those different points of view.



I am energized by working with other people to tackle complex challenges in such a way that everyone contributes to a common goal based on their individual strengths. My approach can be captured by the saying “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” To me that applies equally within the Vintura team and when working with clients. Furthermore, due to my past experience within Healthcare I am constantly aware of how change affects the workforce, the customer, and the individual patient.



Many of the factors I value in my professional life are also present in my leisure interests: creativity, collaboration, energy, and mental challenge. I love cooking, wining and dining with friends and family, running, making music, and reading. And I thoroughly enjoy taking journeys, long and short, with my girlfriend.

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