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Susanne Klave

Office manager
Lees in het Nederlands

Knowledge and experience

I have worked as an Office Manager at Vintura since 2008. My past experience in coordinating and supportive roles is wide-ranging; from air hostess to management assistant to project coordinator and assessor with a training institute. In every one of these jobs I was in direct contact with clients as well as colleagues. This has made me very good at assessing situations and “reading” people and what they need.


My contribution

At Vintura, no two days are the same. I love that variety, and the project-based working. It means that I have to switch quickly between different activities and teams, but also respond to what is needed on an ad-hoc basis. As well as focusing upon recruitment and events, I provide the consultants with support in a broad range of areas. My strengths lie in my ability to bring structure to a situation, to organize activities down to the last detail and to keep people calm.


About me

I am creative: I love painting and I like to surprise people with a unique hand-made gift! I enjoy playing sports, too, and I have a great interest in nutrition and the effects on our bodies. Above all, though, I take pleasure from my family and the company of relatives and friends.