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Silvia Rohr

Senior Consultant
Lees in het Nederlands

My knowledge and experience

During my studies and PhD work I explored the world of innovation and science covering molecular biology as well as physics. Afterwards, I decided to “bring this on the road” in life science consulting and gained experience a.o. at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) working for biopharma, start-ups and investors. At Vintura, I get very excited with every new project because in life sciences there is always a connection to innovation and/or improving people‘s lives.

My contribution to the team and our clients

I combine structured thinking with a strength to understand different perspectives. I capture and distill opinions and knowledge including very technical aspects. My consulting skills help me to do this in a very efficient way. On the other hand, I benefit from my experience with hosting workshops and discussions. Bringing this together in my work, I create clarity, outline the next steps incl. associated consequences and chances and enable to take the steps forward in a deliberate way.

About MYself

I like trying out new things and exploring the world from different angles. Improvisational theater is a great opportunity for me to do that – and it is a lot of fun! I also enjoy singing and dancing a lot. I am also part of a very active circle of friends where we organize a broad spectrum of activities and workshops e.g. on communication and personal development.