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Pim Kooreman

Senior consultant
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knowledge and EXPERIENCE

I started my consultancy career at QuintilesIMS Consulting Services. Here I worked on projects in the pharmaceutical industry ranging from due diligence to market access and commercial strategy. At QuintilesIMS I learnt how to structure complex challenges to its core elements, how to set up and conduct robust analyses, to ultimately come up with valuable solutions. I learned a lot of day to day in the biopharmaceutical industry by working on international projects for a variety of small and large organizations. Before joining QuintilesIMS, I graduated in Biomedical Sciences and Science & Business Management at Utrecht University.



I enjoy working in a team and I am convinced that you will always achieve a better end result by being critical and challenging each other’s ideas. I am an open and accessible person and I actively try to ensure that the people in my team feel comfortable and enjoy their work. Additionally, one of my strengths is creating structure from chaos and I really love digging into a challenging analysis.


I love working as a consultant! Collaborating with others to solve complex challenges gives me energy, but I also find it important that what I do is contributing towards better, more accessible healthcare. At Vintura, those elements come together perfectly.



I like to be outdoors and on the move. I am a judo fanatic, but also enjoy walks with my girlfriend, in search of the best coffee or some beautiful natural scenery. But I am really at peace on an early morning on my surfboard watching the sun come up.

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