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Noël van Oijen

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Knowledge and experience

My career has given me broad professional experience. Before entering consultancy, I ran my own business and built up a trading organization abroad. I have also overseen an international SAP implementation and worked as a marketing manager. Since becoming a consultant I have been active in several industries, in just about every functional domain. My current clientele includes both SMEs and major corporates. With such a wide-ranging background, it is easy for me to find my way around new challenges. Every puzzle is fun, but I can always solve it in the end.


My contribution

Another thing my varied experience has given me is the ability to recognize a challenge and to refine its formulation. From my panoramic perspective, I am able to seek out the right place to find the right solution. I believe in creative dialogues within multidisciplinary teams, and also in making the most of organizations’ own strengths. We build the best solutions together. However, that takes mutual trust and respect. A stiff, formal client-supplier relationship doesn’t suit that.


About myself

Perhaps due to my training as an industrial designer, I like to combine structure and creativity. Things should look good, but first and foremost they have to work. I’m a keen do-it-yourselfer, always building things like furniture. And I’m a great fan of good food and drink, too – with friends, of course.

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