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Nicole Kuperij

Senior consultant
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Knowledge and experience

I have been a strategy consultant in the healthcare sector since 2011. My background is in Technical Medicine and I gained my consultancy experience in strategic projects and IT projects in the healthcare and public sectors. During this work, I discovered that I have a knack for modelling complex realities.

I have experience in IT projects (data migration) and process optimization (Lean Six Sigma) as well as change management and general project management.


My contribution

I enjoy working in teams and I love it when everything runs like a well-oiled machine. When every member of the team is working to his or her strengths, that is something I actively strive for! I am people-oriented and connecting. Within Vintura, but also in joint teams with the client.


In a team, an analytical role suits me best. Together with the other team members I can quickly get to the heart of complex issues in healthcare. Because of my background in technical medicine, I am able to get up to speed quickly when it comes to content and the issues at hand.


About me

My weekends are usually about: seeing friends and family, but also windsurfing, sailing and learning to glide. For me, the very best way to relax is to take off for a weekend on our boat with my boyfriend; camping at the beautiful lakes of the Netherlands.

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