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Natalia Barbosa Eitel

Senior consultant
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My knowledge and experience

I started my consulting career at Novumed Life Science in Germany, where I learned how to effectively structure strategic projects to support the pharma, medtech and biotech industries (e.g. market entry & access; market penetration assessment, M&A support, growth strategy, etc.). Later on, at EY, I was able to assess the best ways to handle complex tasks in tight deadlines, which are the key to commercial due diligences. I gained analytical and structural thinking during my bioprocess engineering degree as well as during my MSc in chemical and biochemical process technologies. During my whole career this was key to enable a proper analysis, consolidation and report of the extensive data involved in all types of projects.


My contribution to the team and our clients

I am a team player and a social person, i.e. I take responsibilities to the wellbeing of the team and the common achievement of goals. I am a good listener and proactively provide feedback when needed. I believe that, when connecting different competencies, the objectives are easier and faster achieved. The best way to effectively reach the aim is to exchange knowledge and therefore the collaboration with the client is essential.


About me

My bicultural background (Brazilian-German) gave me the ability to easily understand different ways of thinking and to approach challenges on a different manner, as well as enabled me to quickly adapt to different cultures and scenarios. I love to travel and experience new places, culinary and languages. I am also searching for the new destination. Food for me is also one of my personal drivers, I don’t cook well but I spend a lot of my spare time in the kitchen trying new recipes.

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