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Matthijs Vermeer

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My knowledge and experience

Thanks to my background in biomedical sciences, I handle problems methodically and thorough, and take a lot of medical knowledge with me. For three years, I have worked at the trade organization of the pharmaceutical industry. There I learned how the complexity of the healthcare sector is unrivalled. Innovation at full throttle often clashes with stubborn habits, interests and ideologies. As a former policy advisor, I take all that knowledge about the dynamic playing field with me to Vintura.

My contribution

I know the complexity of the healthcare sector from a medical perspective, but from the organisational and political side as well. I look at every challenge from these angles, and therefore am able to offer creative ideas and endorsed solutions. I am not afraid to ask the right questions or make a critical remark, which is essential to me for a genuine dialogue and change that lasts.

About me

I love stories, so I like to read novels a lot. I’m even trying to write one as well. But I’m also curious about the big stories, the ones that philosophy and science tell us. Luckily, I can be less serious too, and enjoy a party with my girlfriend or drinks with my friends just the same. Humor and authenticity are important values to me, which you can expect from me in return.