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Marleen Spee

Office manager
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Knowledge and experience

As Vintura’s long-serving Office Manager (since 2002), I have played my part in the growth of our great company and helped make it the customer-friendly place it is today. Alongside general day-to-day office duties, I provide a lot of HR and finance support. On the one hand that means drawing up job contracts and keeping abreast of employment law, for example, on the other sending out invoices and credit control.


My contribution

I enjoy providing my colleagues with the help and support they need from the back office, in all sorts of ways. That’s my contribution to Vintura: delivering the quality we all stand for.


About myself

I am the mother of two sons and I like the fact that I can combine my work with my family. I love company, so outside work I spend a lot of my time with family and friends.