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Mark Tolboom

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Knowledge and experience

I enjoy being a consultant and I focus on solving optimisation issues and putting the results into practice. I have been working as a consultant for quite some time now, in various sectors, but since I have been at Vintura my primary areas of interest have been healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry.
At Vintura, my projects include the development and implementation of corporate strategies, process improvements and organisational change – at both hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.


My contributions

Happy clients always make me very happy. I believe this is ensured by really knuckling down with the client. Combining their know-how and information with my experience and creativity results in solutions they love. The energy this type of process gives me is why I became a consultant in the first place, and for me is almost addictive.
Clients and colleagues alike appreciate my energy, my enthusiasm and my drive to solve problems!


About me

After a hard day’s work on great projects, it is always nice to come home. I really enjoy listening to my two daughters’ stories about all they have experienced, I love eating and drinking with friends and I try to spend as much time as I can on my road bike.

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