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Mark Lenssen

Associate director
Lees in het Nederlands

My knowledge and experience

I’ve worked as a consultant in the Dutch healthcare sector for more than 20 years, at Organon, A.T. Kearney and (KPMG) Plexus. During my career, I’ve gained extensive experience in facilitating collaboration between healthcare providers (hospitals, as well as primary care providers, the GGZ and geriatric healthcare providers) and healthcare insurers. I enjoy reconciling apparently conflicting interests by means of business cases and other methods. I also have ample experience in helping young, innovative healthcare organisations with finance and business development.


My contribution

I get a lot of energy out of constructive collaborations with colleagues and clients, particularly when there’s a complex challenge without an obvious solution. By investigating a problem with several people, you come up with creative solutions that you’d never have thought of on your own. I also really enjoy setting up quantitative analyses (sometimes with limited data), which can be used to test the feasibility and consequences of the proposed solutions.


About me

I live in Bussum with my family. We love going skiing as a family, and we’ve been visiting the same small Austrian village for years. We feel completely at home there. In the summer, you’ll often find us in our beach cabin in IJmuiden, enjoying the sea, beach sports and good food and drinks. Friends and family are always welcome and know exactly where to find us.