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Lidewey Verbaas

Senior consultant
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Knowledge and experience

In my previous job at CEANconsulting, I worked on strategic processes in healthcare with a focus upon the architecture of buildings and organisations. That gave me a broad insight into concepts and change. In my view, change only has a real impact when the people, the finances and the environment are in a state of equilibrium.
I like solid analysis, but I prefer to substantiate my advice with both hard and soft elements.


My contribution

In my work, I consider it important to help bring about good, affordable and accessible healthcare. I am energised by achieving new results every day, together with my colleagues and clients. And I like to see how a team always achieves more than its individual members, by combining their knowledge and experience. For me, that is the power of a project and what I will always do my best to bring out.
Ideally, I like a smarter, simpler, more efficient approach to whatever comes my way; whether that is a process, a building or a clear strategy. Boiling down complex issues to the core problem often reveals that the solution is closer than we first thought.


About me

How to describe myself? Enthusiastic, analytical and open to new experiences. I like beautiful things, both outdoors (landscapes, statues, buildings) and indoors (interiors and art). I gain my new experiences by travelling and being outdoors. I live in Utrecht and enjoy playing hockey. At weekends you will find me in town with “the girls” or my boyfriend, having a drink or going to the cinema.

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