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Koen Jansen

Principal Consultant
Lees in het Nederlands

Knowledge and experience

Building upon my background in information management, I enjoy working to optimize processes and streamline communications. Internally as well as externally. In my eyes, people often make the difference. So starting out from training and consultancy, I now devote myself primarily to the development of teams and organizations, usually in procurement and supply chain management. What have I learnt from that? How organizations can create value through better mutual collaboration. At Vintura, my main focus is the life sciences, a sector I know well from my past roles.


My contribution

My strength is that I can quickly master complex material and simplify it. That helps me, my team, and my client to stay focused and keep a grasp of things. I am genuinely interested in people, and a good listener. Because of that, I also find that I’m good at understanding those I work with. Another thing I like doing is making the most of other people’s strengths. That is really useful in creating, and maintaining, a momentum within change processes.


About myself

As an import from Brabant, in everything I do I try to combine that region’s famed conviviality with the dynamism of the big city. I am married and have two sweet, active children to keep me busy. Bringing them up from day to day is a very special, beautiful change project. I also try to find the time to put on my running shoes or get on my bike, with the occasional race or mountain climb as my next deadline.

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