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Karst Jan de Jong

Principal Consultant
Lees in het Nederlands

My knowledge and expertise

During my university studies as a biomedical engineer, I have seen what the impact of illness and care is on the well-being of people. Here I also learned how to design solutions that solve the real issues of the client or patient.


My contribution

As a consultant I work on projects ranging from (digital) strategy development, process optimization to change management. I learned how to structure problems and analyzes and develop creative solutions. I enjoy making the connection between project details and the bigger (strategic) picture.
In addition, I like working in a team – preferably together with the client. By focusing on everyone’s strengths, we achieve the best possible result, which is supported by everyone.


About me

In my spare time, I enjoy being active and outdoors. I like running and cycling but also regularly go into the mountains to climb. Here, I enjoy to meet a challenge together with some friends and get to the top!

Articles of Karst Jan de Jong