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Giovanni Firenze

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My knowledge and experience

I have worked my professional career at a national and international level both in the pharmaceutical and in the management consulting industries. I worked on marketing and sales in pharma with Eli Lilly and Bristol Myers Squibb to continue with consulting with a focus on strategic and implementation issues mainly in pharma and biotech companies.  Commercial strategy, communication, business planning, market access and change management are just some of the themes I enjoy working on since 2002. Being in pharma for such a long time, I like to come up with creative and, possibly, innovative solutions for tangible business results for my clients that are carried into their organizations with enthusiasm and commitment.

My contribution to the team and our clients

Having spent more than 22 years in the life science arena, I always try to understand what the real overriding question is the client has to answer and, reflecting at the same time on being in his shoes. I look for pragmatic and meaningful solutions that can be easily implemented within the organization. I like establishing a very good relationship with clients with a lot of enthusiastic drive, together with an open mind and people oriented style. I believe that there is more than just one way to solve a challenge, if you have a “can do” attitude.

About myself

In my free time I enjoy staying and having fun with my family and friends as well as being part of some local social activities and volunteer work. In the weekends, I love training and having fun with a boys football team, and enjoy reading business books and watching F1 racing as a huge Ferrari supporter. Last but not least, I’m very passionate on everything related to past and future space missions and discoveries about the secrets of the universe.