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Fiona Suwandy

Senior consultant
Lees in het Nederlands

KNOWLEDGE AND experience

For me, all the puzzle pieces of my study and career path fall into place at Vintura. Studies in medicine gave me an affinity with healthcare and medical knowledge. My AMC management traineeship provided me with project management experience and a business-oriented perspective. At A.T. Kearny I gained broad strategy consulting skills in all kinds of industries and types of projects.


Fundamentally, however, I hope to add the most value with the kind of person I am: open, inquisitive, motivated to help people, a tiny bit impatient, analytical, creative, but above all, highly intuitive.



I’m a true team player, both with the client and with my direct colleagues. I’d rather finish a few minutes later as a team than in the fastest time on my own.
I want to realise change by inspiring the people involved to take action. An innovative solution must also really work, and sustainably, in practice. The turning point at which the client is visibly committed to the change and takes ownership of it is ‘the moment’ for which I work in the consultancy profession. Then things can really get under way, with the client in the driver’s seat and both hands on the steering wheel!


About me

I love spending time outdoors. For me, the world is at its most beautiful around 6 o’clock in the morning, in the fresh outdoor air and the silence at sunrise. Ideally, I start my day with a run or an energetic yoga session in natural surroundings. As structured as I am in my work, I love travelling with a ‘go with the flow’ attitude. Grab a couple of friends and my backpack, hop in a plane or car, and go! And my love for good cooking and eating in the company of others comes along with my Indonesian roots!