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Ewoud Ravenshorst

Senior Consultant
Lees in het Nederlands

Knowledge and experience

I come originally from Engineering Management, with a particular interest in human interaction processes. But I’ve spent almost my entire working career as a consultant, mostly for large organizations in various different industries. At &samhoud I supervised large-scale change projects and gained a lot of experience in vision and team development. Since joining Vintura I have applied that knowledge to healthcare and the life sciences, as well focusing upon strategy and process optimization.


My contribution

I am most passionate about achieving real improvements, in both healthcare and the life sciences. Crucial to that is proposing changes based upon keen analysis, but still taking into account the human factor. Forging strong contacts and working towards shared goals are two things I’m particularly good at. In my view, “hard” and “soft” approaches go hand in hand. As far as possible, I try to combine my knowledge of strategy and process optimization with effective change management.


About myself

I think I owe my down-to-earth pragmatism to my roots in the eastern Netherlands, although I have now lived in Utrecht for almost ten years. And discovered many other parts of the world, because travel is a true passion of mine. It makes me really happy spending time with my girlfriend and two young children, but I also like doing fun things with friends and playing tennis, and I’m a fanatical racing cyclist.

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