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Christel Jansen

Senior consultant
Lees in het Nederlands

Knowledge and experience

During my medical studies I realized that I wanted to make an impact throughout the health system, not just at the patient level. So I was thrilled to be able to start my professional life at the Dutch Ministry of Health. After that I joined the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT Health) in Amsterdam, where I helped improve service delivery in the health sector in low and middle-income countries, notably in francophone West Africa. During those five years working with health ministries and UN bodies on healthcare policy and strategy, I learned how important it is that organizations and processes be fit for purpose.


At Vintura I now focus more on business consultancy, making use of my experience in project management and strategy development, and on working towards feasible solutions in complex political environments.


My contribution

My professional driving force is the contribution I can make to accessible, high-quality, sustainable health services. I do that by solving strategic puzzles, optimizing processes, and creating a positive impact on organizations and their employees. I gain energy from learning new things and understanding complex processes. I enjoy bringing together people with different interests, perspectives and expertise in order to generate knowledge and support and to enable proactive working. My strength lies where strategy and operations meet: in creating feasible solutions that work at the operational level.


About me

Personally, what really drives me is engaging with other people. I believe that “a person is a person through other persons.” This must be why I enjoy living in a tiny apartment in the heart of Amsterdam. There is always something going on, and there are always people around me. In my free time I enjoy running, camping, dancing, cooking, skiing, sailing on the canals and a dozen other things – all in the company of my partner, friends and family.

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