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Bart-Jan Van Hasselt

Principal consultant
Lees in het Nederlands

Knowledge and experience

I have a little over 10 years’ experience advising senior management at national and international companies. In my early working years I travelled throughout Europe as a consultant to firms in a wide range of industries, from beer to automotive, health insurance to distribution. This broad experience taught me that, whilst industry challenges are unique in their details, there is plenty to learn by looking at others.
Since joining Vintura, my main focus has been in the areas of market access excellence, organizational excellence, corporate and business unit strategy and portfolio management for the pharmaceutical industry.


My contribution

I especially enjoy working with others to solve complex challenges and develop lasting improvements. In projects, I love wrestling with complicated issues, structuring them and ultimately finding the root cause. Doing this is only enjoyable for me when I can do it with others, be they clients or colleagues. I firmly believe that ideas born of two minds are far more powerful than those from a single brain. To be truly successful, I always strive for my solutions to be well-designed and, most importantly, feasible. At heart, I believe that the power of a solution lies in its implementation, not in the theoretical plan.


About myself

I live in Amsterdam with my wife and young son. Besides enjoying my role as a father, I love sailing (in any type of boat) and being active outdoors. When outdoor activities are not possible, I like to indulge in good food and wines in the company of friends and family.

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