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Anita Mikulic


My knowledge and experience

It was during my seven years in local government that I first developed my passion for working in the social care sector. After moving to Deloitte, I spent the next seven years working as a consultant in the social domain, focusing on public strategy and innovation projects for local and national government, and healthcare and educational institutions. This experience gave me in-depth knowledge of and insight into the interests and needs of all stakeholders in the social domain, enabling me to achieve project results that are broadly supported by the stakeholders involved.
My ambition at Vintura is to increase the extent of regional collaboration and to support healthcare institutions, municipalities and insurers with regard to social and technological innovation. This includes prevention and access to care, as well as partnerships within the care and cure domain oriented towards the needs of citizens, all within the available budget.


My contribution to the team and client

My goal is to develop broadly supported solutions for complex social challenges by combining passion for health care and business sense. The best way of achieving this is by taking a co-creation approach together with our client, and focusing on the needs and wishes of the end user. I have considerable experience in organisational strategy, organisational design, strategic partnerships, and in both initiating and leading innovations. I enjoy working in a team and believe in an empowering leadership style, with a strong focus on developing potential based on people’s intrinsic motivation. I also enjoy learning from both colleagues and clients. My clients particularly appreciate my ability to make connections, unravel complex problems and find broadly supported solutions.


About me

I would describe myself as a passionate explorer. I do not believe in the impossible and enjoy a challenge, both professionally and privately. I enjoy travelling with my partner, son and daughter. Our best trip so far has been to Japan. We also love winter sports, and snowboarding is a great way for me to relax. At home, we like to spend time with family and friends, enjoying a nice meal together and celebrating various occasions.