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Value-Based Healthcare

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Porter’s book ‘Redefining Health Care’ which was the starting point for the transition to Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC). Currently, VBHC is a hot topic for our healthcare system. Many organizations are struggling with the question how to deal with the transition, and what role they can play in the changing healthcare landscape.


These could include the following questions:

  1. How can we measure, improve and deliver patient value within our organization and what is the best way to organise ourselves for this?
  2. In which way can we work together with other healthcare providers or organizations within a specific pathway, so that the value for the patient is optimized?
  3. How can my organization prepare for a meaningful position in a value-driven healthcare landscape?



We can help you and your organization in the transition to Value-Based Healthcare, from strategy development to implementation. Vintura has broad experience with Value-Based Healthcare in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies at strategic, tactical and operational level. The start of every assignment is always an open discussion to understand what goals you have in mind.

Learn more about Value-Based Healthcare? See cases above for examples of VBHC-projects we have recently completed for hospitals, other healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies. Here you’ll find all our VBHC-projects.


Please contact Gérard Klop (gklop@vintura.com) or Pim Kooreman (pkooreman@vintura.com) or call us at +31 35 54 33 540.

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