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Development of Strategy Roadmap for global pharma player

Need for a Global pharma player to prepare for next 10 years

The pharma industry is facing challenges on multiple dimensions and the Healthcare environment is changing toward a more competitive and challenging market place. To prepare for the next 10 years a global pharma player wanted to develop a strategic roadmap for the EMEA region.


Strategic imperatives defined based on understanding market and own mission

An outside-in perspective was taken by identifying macro trends in the political, economic, socio-demographic, and technology domain. These trends were translated into scenario’s for Healthcare in general and thereafter translated into pharma specific scenario’s.


These external scenario’s were clustered into five internal strategic imperatives, i.e. key business drivers to pursue for the future.


Fully accepted and implemented in the organization

The Strategy Roadmap was fully accepted by the EMEA executive board and the five strategic drivers were implemented across the organization.


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