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Market access in pharma

The core objective of pharmaceutical market access teams is to ensure that patients in need have timely and sustained access to (new) treatments. However, today’s market access environment is more challenging than ever before, putting patient access to life saving treatments in jeopardy.


The market access challenge continues

Continuous technological advances and demographic trends will put additional pressure on healthcare budgets, forcing payers to take austerity measures and scrutinize budget allocation decisions. Payers want to see increasingly compelling and real-life evidence of a drug’s superior value combined with pricing and payment schemes that will minimize risk for their healthcare system.


Excellent market access teams are ready to face these challenges by:

  • Developing market access strategies focussed on demonstrating real value and minimizing risk for the organization and external stakeholders;
  • Organizing in cross-functional teams that are involved in early development (latest from phase II onwards);
  • Collaborating with national and local payers to ensure timely and honest feedback on market access strategies, dossiers and solutions.


How we help you navigate this challenging environment

Our extensive national and international experience in strategy and organizational change in the pharmaceutical industry, combined with access to internal and external subject matter expertise, positions us as your go-to-partner for your market access challenges. Our solutions in the market access area are structured across four capabilities:

  • Strategy: develop compelling pricing, reimbursement and market access strategies.
  • Demonstrate value: support business case development demonstrating superior value.
  • Organization: organize for market access success.
  • Payer network: obtain timely and honest feedback via our payer network.


capabilities market access: strategy, demonstrate value, organization and payer network. Vintura

Figure 1: Four Market Access Capabilities. ©Vintura



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Market access expertise with strong academic basis

We ensure our market access advisory projects are strongly linked to latest academic insights through our expert in health economics Prof. dr. Lieven Annemans. Prof. dr. Lieven Annemans is professor of Health-Economics at Ghent University. He is one of Europe’s leading experts in health economics and HTA. Annemans is a sought-after advisor and educator to health policy makers and pharma and device companies. He is highly respected for his vast international and cross-therapeutic experience and is the academic backbone of our Market Access practice.

Are you struggling with challenges in market access, pricing (of innovative therapies) and reimbursement? You have the unique opportunity to receive personalised advice from two market access experts.

Want to know more about the key challenges with the value assessments of medicines? Watch this video of Prof. Lieven Annemans and the dos and don’ts regarding health outcomes based agreements.

There’s an intense debate about the prices of innovative medicines. Are value based prices the solution?  Prof. Lieven Annemans, one of Europe’s leading experts in health economics, gives his perspective in this video and presents his solution: value informed and affordable pricing.

Are you seeking external validation of your market access, pricing or reimbursement strategy? We can mobilize our European payer network via interviews, surveys or advisory boards to help you get external validation early and efficiently. Explore the possibilities.

more information?

See examples of projects we have recently completed for global pharmaceutical companies. Do you want more information or want to get started? Please contact Bas Amesz or Bart-Jan van Hasselt.


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My main focus has been in the areas of market access, organizational excellence and strategy. I always strive for my solutions to be well-designed and, most importantly, feasible.