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Market access in pharma

What is Market access?

Market access refers to the process of obtaining and retaining market authorization and reimbursement for innovative treatments. This process aims to ensure that all patients obtain timely and sustainable access to innovative treatments. An important element in this process is pricing: the price should enable continuous investment in new innovations. At the same time, therapies should be affordable to allow for optimal and continued patient access to these treatments


Why is Market Access important?

Today’s market access environment is more challenging than ever before and will become even more challenging. Payers are increasingly demanding to see evidence of superior value compared to similar products and/or alternative treatments, as they are driven to contain costs and improve quality of life.


What does this mean for you?

To survive in this challenging environment, your company must be capable of developing a solid Market Access Strategy that enables you to excel in these three pillars:

  • Early engagement with the right internal and external stakeholders.
  • Demonstrating superior value in line with stakeholder requirements.
  • Improving the way of working to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Figure 1: three pillars of market access

Pillars of market access: operational excellence, early engagement and demonstrating superior value


How Vintura can help?

Vintura has extensive experience in supporting pharma companies in developing both comprehensive Market Access Strategies as well as individual underlying pillars.
See cases below for examples of projects we have recently completed for global pharmaceutical companies. Do you want more information or want to get started? Please contact Bas Amesz or Bart-Jan van Hasselt.


Recently completed projects: