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Vintura Impact in Healthcare event

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On the 7th of November 2019 the annual Vintura Impact in Healthcare will take place, for all of our close associates and partners: representatives of hospitals, the life sciences, insurers and patients. The event offers an afternoon and evening packed with inspiration, interactivity and networking opportunities. During the event, Vintura presents its Impact in Healthcare award. The audience and the professional jury will choose one of the three nominees. 


This event page provides an overview of video recordings of all of the pitches, the presentation by the LEEFH Foundation, and of course, an impression of this very successful day, which participants gave an average rating of 8.3.

View the impression of the Vintura Impact in Healthcare event 2018 here

The winner of the Vintura Impact in Healthcare Award 2018 was IV-Walk. You can view the pitch here, in which designer Alissa Rees talks about the portable, comfortable IV drip that promotes mobility.

You can view the pitch by Jeroen van den Hout (LivAssured) here, about the NightWatch, a bracelet that an epilepsy patient can put on before going to sleep, which analyses the heartbeat and movement patterns and remotely warns responders in the event of an attack.

You can view the pitch by André Elands here, about the eNose, a breath test that can be performed anywhere for the detection of various types of cancer, and possibly more conditions in the future.

You can view the presentation by Manon Houter (LEEFH Foundation) here, about the business case that she and Lidewey Verbaas (Vintura) have drawn up. In it, they demonstrate that tracking the families of FH patients not only yields health gains, but is also truly cost-effective.

Bringing stakeholders together in the healthcare sector

Vintura’s mission is ‘Creating meaningful impact in healthcare together’. We believe that we need each other in order to improve healthcare and ensure that it remains accessible and affordable for patients. That’s why Vintura brings stakeholders together in pursuit of a shared objective: making improvements to healthcare. The Vintura Impact in Healthcare event is effective precisely because it gives executives, managers and board members from hospitals, insurance companies, patient groups and industry the opportunity to gather together and discuss how to help move the three nominated initiatives forward.

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