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(past event) Impression of Vintura’s anniversary event ‘The Future of Healthcare’

On Thursday 5 November 2015, Vintura hosted its 4rd Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Event at Paleis Soestdijk. This year’s topic was ‘The Future of Healthcare’ and the seminar aimed to engage participants on this key topic in Life Sciences and Healthcare.


We are delighted to present to you an impression of the day. Please click here to start the film.


As all presentations were filmed, it is possible to download them. Please click below on the item of your choice.


Gérard Klop: film and deck.
André Rouvoet: film and deck.


The presentation of Bertalan Meskó is not available. See below for the list of devices he mentioned in his presentations. These devices are helping him to monitor and improve his health.


Click here for an extensive version in Dutch.


annual event

Every year, Vintura brings together senior management from Life Sciences and Healthcare, including hospital management, physicians, patient organizations, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, and payers. The event provides a fresh environment for creative thinking, learning, and collaboration.